About Me


Hello! I am Tyzha, mid 20's, married a humble man behind this inspirational blog and having one cute baby boy named Azka
I started writing diary in 2nd grade of my elementary school and never stop since that
I graduated from ITS Surabaya, majoring Visual Communication Design, so yes, I am working as freelance designer/ layouter/ illustrator ( you can see some of my works in 'Published Work' in Home page)
I used to be a student journalist in www.its.ac.id
I also had experienced teaching English and art for kids. I love kids! :D
I also have been invited in various seminars as a speaker, mostly sharing theme under design/ writing field

Now, I take care my fashion line Dear Darla
I am interested in socio-entrepreneurship. I sold my first drawing 14 years ago and doing various social work regularly since uni. For me, business is nothing without sharing

I have a big, big passion and loves working wholeheartedly. I also believe in hard work and pursuing our dreams 
How I value myself? I guess I am a perfectionist, amazing planner, who think family is the first priority above all ♥

Feel free to contact me via tyzhainandia[at]yahoo[dot]com. I'd love to hear! :)