Sunday, September 7, 2008

1# Kyoko Nakano

Since i have been involved in ITS online crew, i got a chance to meet many people. Some of them leave mark in my heart cause their humble, and other push me to go forward cause their high spirit.

I’ve got some here. All of them are woman. It doesn’t mean that i haven’t meet great man actually, it’s just to show especially for you who are a woman; being a woman makes no difference in the way we work. I believe that woman and man are different, each have their own part. But i really hate woman who use their status as a woman as a reason to stand all their way in man’s hand and limit their selves to develop.

Emm..sounds like i am kind of feminist yeah? Haha i’m a feminist who need a man ;p. And being a housewife is my childhood dream ;p ;p (oh why i told you bout this?haha..)

First i would like you to know Kyoko Nakano. She is a Deputy team Leader for JICA PREDICT ITS, a cooperation between ITS and JICA in field of ICT. I interviewed her on February for first edition of ITS Point, ITS’ magazine.

this is Kyoko :)

I was enough nervous at the time because that was the first time for me to interview foreign people. Everybody push me to do this task ‘oh come on you’re able to speak english!’oh yes but even my TOEFL score haven’t reach 550!

I still remember i cooped up in ITS online room for one hour, peeped Kyoko’s Nakano room (yes, our room is in the same floor on ITS library floor 6th) i don’t know hoping for what, hoping she walk out for her room or what.. just want to see my informant-to-be.. or just wait till my heart beat reached it’s normal beat..i don’t know. I done such a stupid things till Brother Marji, my senior in ITS online said ‘what kind of journalist who is coward?

Ouh yes. Honestly it really bit me but thank you bro!^o^

Then i went to Kyoko Nakano’s room and got some interview in english. We were accompanied by Brother Muis, Indonesian people who work in the same room with Mrs Nakano. One thing that i got then is Nakano was a humble people.. and i suppose it was the characteristic of japanese people, she was confident to talk. Even though her english conversation at the time was not very good but she talked as confident as we all can hope (i really embarassed for this because i almost have no brave to talk to her only about my english skill ;[ ). And about her humble heart. Ouh i feel really sorry for it too.. Maybe it’s because my low self-confident at that time, there was such a worry that i would be humiliated by her or what. (i’m really really sorry for this; i’m such a negative thinking people at the time ;( ) so i was enough surprise to found her talked so humble.. so nice.

And i realized that i still appreciate what she did that time, i think it’s touch my heart. She is pleasant woman at all :)

I suppose that i quite like her so i gave her a birthday gift (actually Nakano said that birthday date is privacy for Japanese people so i don’t mentioned it in my article, but then it made me felt like have a responsibility to give her something. Haha i don’t know what this thinking came from ;p)

Then she emailed me:

Dear Ms.Inandia

This is Kyoko, PREDICT-ITS.

Thank you very much for the beautiful gift! I love it!

East Kalimantan is one of the places that I've been strongly

attracted to but not visited yet.

Especially, I'm interested in the creatures there,

and hope that I will have a chance to see them in the near future.

I'm sorry I could not see you when you visited our office, and

sorry for being so late in saying thank you due to my business trip to Papua.

Good luck in your work for ITS Point,

and we're always very grateful to your warm attention on our project.



Can it be sweeter than that eh?? I gave her a Dayak wallet. I suppose that she would like it. And one copy of ITS point that she was being a profile there.

Well Mrs Nakano, you're welcome. Thank you for your warm attention too :)


aklam said...

ajak aja si ms nakano ke kalimantan, ntar aku nebeng:) lumayan trekking ke derawan kali-kali aja dibayarin makannya:) wehehehehe

Anonymous said...

-liatliat blog kru eh onok sing posting inggrisan- *kabur wadul hanif, liputan bule kasih tyzo kabeh. hahaha

tyzha said...

iki lo sek sinau mas haha..ganti2 inggris indo cek ga bosen hehe..

Anonymous said...

gak gak.. kon wes les perancis barang. klo begitu kamu tulang punggung liputan alien. oiya aku dapat info klo bahtiar juga les perancis. udah level 2 jeh.

btw klo liat blog boso inggrisan semi curhat di blogmu aku dadi iling ambek blog idolaku, sherina. ahahaha

ghosty1st said...

eh does she have daughters?
introduce me plz......!!!
u know, im hunting japan or oriental girl...hehehe!!!piiis!!!

tyzha said...

ga onok mas, anaknya lanang kabeh hehe..

cyberphobia said...

ibu Nakano baik banget lho!
kita sering ketemu kalau bu nakano ke manado... ^^
titip salam buat team PREDICT-ITS, mas Muis, mbak Mia, ms. Ito, pak Wirawan, dkk... ;)

misstyzha said...

iyah baik sekali memang!
tapi PREDICT ITS udah mo habis ini kerjasamanya.. bakal kangen sama bu nakano deh :))