Monday, October 13, 2008

oh how cute..

the bandrek

When i’m home i was quite surprised to found a package of bandrek in my house. I often heard about bandrek but i never taste it, even i don’t know what it is exactly.

Except, i assume it’s a drink which consist a ginger, eh? It’s good to warm our body and i’ts originally came from the West Java. Am i right? Oh whatever..

The point is i excited with the the packaging of it. Since i been studying in the Visual Communication Design which we hoped to turn out as a graphic designer (amin!), i found that i’m being more sensitive with every simple thing related with my field of studies, one of it is, it is.

I’m still amateur in it haha so i’m not sure what we call for the art style of the packaging. Anyway the packaging is about 10x10 pocket shaped, with braided root as a handle. If we open it we’ll find five identical rectangle shaped cover which covered the bandrek itself (the bandrek is in solid form) .

identical rectangle shaped cover

What make me amazed honestly is the fact that bandrek is traditional drink of our country. And it was quite rare to found a traditional food or drink which already packaged seriously as it is. I mean, we often found food or drink which were sold as a gift packaged only with transparent plastic and the silk screening typography. I know it’s to show the content of it but oh please.. no more silk screening on plastic is fine.

I guess take more seriously in the packaging can increase the sold of it. It give a plus score even for the same products.

Back to the packaging of the bandrek. Beside the fact that it was a traditional product which packaged seriously, i admire the style too. I think printing on samson paper is genius. It give natural look, and it is cheap. Supported by the illustration which so traditional and midtone colouring, it turns out traditional but not out of date sense. And the typography choosing for the inside cover was just perfect. I’m just a little disturbed with the typo of the front packaging (the difference type made a little displeasing) and the picture of cup there (made a bit displeasing too cause of the difference style from the head illustration).

Anyway nice work. I hope could see more traditional products packaged like this :).

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