Monday, December 15, 2008

confession on monday

I’ve change my interior rooms for such and such time. Anyway i love to do it; it just like a brand new day for me haha.. i absent on the last Illustration class, i havent done my task. Is it alright actually. Much of my friend havent do it. But i just CANT STAND spent four hours more to try colouring my children-book-illustration. I have no passion for it.

I suppose i messed up. Again. And changing interior rooms could be great idea to recharge my spirit to live (oh my, it’s too hiperbolic i guess)

Afterall i spent my night on my grandpa’s house. I have just wanna back home but they persuade me to stay. I’m back after Subuh praying when the air still freshhh..

Back to my room again and i still have no passion to do my children book. Oh my, should i absent agin this week?

Study gettin so hard lately. But we almost come to finish line; we have the final exam next january. I just hope that everythin goin well till that time.

Anyway yesterday Mata Satu, the photography community of Despro ITS, held a photo modelling session at Stasiun Gubeng. I rrrealllly excited about it but i dont feel fit enough so i didnt get in :(

Unfortunately Mbak Shely 2006 said he wanna come in. Oh gosh, most of my reasons never come to Mata Satu agenda was there are no active girl member there. So sometimes i asked Mbak Shely to come in together; she is excited in photography too, one of a few girls photographer in Despro. But when i asked to she never cant. But when i cant come in like this she will come! Oh it so terrible.

Back to passion again. I still have no passion do my univ tasks! Euh! Even i have decorate my room with orange color, which based on The Complete Color Harmony book, this color spread vitality, energize you..sumthin like that. I suppose i should be more attractive, full of youthful spirit! But i dont get any change afterall..

The parameter is clear. I choose waritin blog rather than do my task, even i really get that i will be panic then cause didnt use my morning to do it.

Oh my oh my what’s happen on me?

I’ve got sms from PR1. Thanks God he have time on Wednesday morning. I used to make appointment for today but i forget to call him on previous day.

Anyway mas komet go blog to! Haha..just meet him on

15 minutes left before 8 Am, my limit tolerance for my laziness.

Oh yeah, i’ve just writin my first opini for ITS online. Yeah the crew always begging me to do it! I’m just not confident do it but it must so go ahead.

Actually i have no problem sharing my mind to others, i just.. yeah. Not confident.

Hope it not that awful haha. Cant wait see others said about it :)

10 minutes left.

I’ve got some sms for different number lately. I hate it. I dont know who they are and they wont tell me. They just send you know kind of sms which send to put off your sms bonus. Just like that. I dont take pay attention for it but since it go on i found it bother. One of them call me last night. I cant hear what he/she said cause there is a trouble on my handphone thats why i send sms to ask who are he/she and everything he/she wanna ask just ask by sms cause that trouble on my phone.

And you know he/she just said that h/s found my number randomly and h/s asked may h/s know more about me.

ihh. It made me gettin mad. I have just suppose that h/s was my friend who i left his/her phone number. I hate this kinda people actually.

Oh 8 AM. I must take a bath then try increase my passion. I have just think to buy orange wallpaper for my room. Oh just pray for me.

It was the most ga jelas posting i ever write eh?

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