Thursday, October 28, 2010


"Cinta itu cuma ilusi belaka.

Kita selalu mencari suatu tempat untuk jatuh dan selalu mencari orang yang menarik*"

*Translated: "Love is just an illusion. We're always looking for a place to fall in and always find the attractive one"

That is my favourites quote from BiBi, a Korean comic serial wrote by Choi Kyung-ah, volume 2. The male main character Han Je Hoo said a thing when the main female character Lee Na Bie reveal her disbelief about love at the first sight.

The first time I read it, it’s like a slap in the face. Yes, people do believe about love at the first sight. But I agree with Je Hoo, there’s no such a thing in love. Things we called love at the first sight is just a kinda attracted feeling. You see a charming man, beautiful ladies, who won’t feel attracted?  If you let it go, it will go. But if you keep it, it should be a true love someday.

I don’t know what makes me write about it. It might because i’m currently Well not that far, just said I have someone who texting me everyday, remembering about lunch, say sweet things about me, out together in a special occasion, yeah you get it all. I was wondering if he in love with me and plan to reveal it soon haha.. 

Anyway the point is, I’m scared. I am scared that he just see the illusion of me, the attractive side of me, and of course I don’t want that happen.. I’m trying to make him see the whole side of me. I have no idea if he already saw it or not.. But sometimes I feel like he appreciate me too much..Like I’m all okay, get it? Is it because he hasn’t see the not-very-good side of me? Or he already see it but he found that it works for him? I hope for the second option.. Despite of it, it is true that at least we should have something we hate in someone even we’re in love with him/her, isn’t? So why till now I feel that everything I do, even the yucky one, is so acceptable on him? :(

But anywaaaayyy, it could be only a mind trick. Say it, I could be just misunderstood about his feeling to me hihi.. Is that so, I wouldn’t bother about these things hahaha..

Have a very cool Thursday people! :) I'll write soon!


essa_satu said...

A chemical analyst can predict kind of chemical content on some liquid accurately,
But, it isn't such like that..
Love can't be predicted when will it come even with whom we feel it,
it works in heart automatically..
it's totally invisible, but it can be felt..

misstyzha said...

yes, it works in heart, but i do believe sometimes we've been played by our heart. thus, logical thinking is needed even in a thing called love. i mean, be realistic, come on! :)

Danish Azman said...

anak kecil numpang lewat :P

wah, omongane wong-wong gedhe rek. Btw yg diatas seperinya sy kenal :)

misstyzha said...

hahaha..mayak! lha ya iya dong kamu kenal, yg di atas kn rekan kerjamu di ITS Online huda.. :p