Saturday, December 6, 2008

voila, French!

Life keeps goin and here i am with no special reason write on. Last Thursday i’ve got my French course test and I suppose i shouldn’t need describe much about it; IT TURNS OUT HELL

Alright, i’ve been learning French sence 3rd grade of High School but i don't practice it regularly later. That’s why i forget much of it. And my course which i entered on first semeter i’ve been student here, had just started when i was walkin to my 3rd semester. God knows, we have different schedule for each semester and i was really sorry to tell you that this course started in a very unappropriate time. Gosh, it take twice a week on 14.30 pm every Tuesday and Thursday and i have DKV History class till 15 pm on Tuesday. After it, we usually have to assistant our work progress for Illustration or DKV1 class. And on Thursday,.. i dunno. Till 2/3 of my course time i often forget that i have course on that day; i sometimes fall asleep in the afternoon.

All i wanna say is i didn’t attend the course regularly, i seldom attend the class. I didn’t practice it at home, and i put away my chance to speak French better. I feel really sorry for my French test! ! oh my God, i even forget how to say how are you.. it’s really damn stupid thing but i realize it was all my fault so i’ve another option except fuck myself again :(

Just FYI, in fact it is easy to learn French. I’ll give you some simple words so you can use it for gaya-gayaan haha..

Etoile (pronounce:etwal)= star. Every star you mean it. Film star or star in the sky.
Soleil(p:soley)= sun
Soleil matin (p:soley matong)= sunrise

i suppose y'all know how to say i love you in French right? Je t'aime
hope a bit romantic? Je t'aimerai toujors. i love you forever haha..

monsieur: mr
madame: mrs.

and many more..

Anyway d you remeber Fleur Delacour? Bill Weasley’s wife in harry Potter story who come from France. Fleur means flower in French.

And my French lecture said that the French never said ‘ugly’ to another. If they talk about the other they will said elle ne pas belle (p:el ne pa bel)--> she’s not beautiful. Not she is ugly. Ugly in French called laid. And you gonna be the unlucky one if they said tu es laid-->you're ugly. cause laid commonly used only for animal..

I have no problem remembering words but i have BIG problem to understand grammar. Like you all exactly know haha.. and sometimes i dunno how to pronounce words in French. Yeah it’s quite hard to sticking out lips in the way finding the right prononciation.

well, voila tout. that's it.
i'll get you soon!

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