Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monster Doll

On last August 12nd I spent a wwwonderful night with my girls, Widya and Uut. We attended the Monster Ball workshop in CCCL. Actually it is more similar to a gathering, where people who love making craft thingy get together and start to make things they love. Anyway the CCCL guys prepare us some sewing equipment, wool and the used-clothes but we’re asked to bring that on our own too.

The flyer said that Camille Chanchat would like to share her experience in making that made-of-trash-doll. But we’re come a lil bit late so I’m not sure who is her actually. Too many strangers that time :)

Lot of fun there!

girl with bob haircut: Widya, the longer haircut one: Uut

Uut mix the tartan cloth with the yellow one to make a mmmonsterr

Not only the youngster who enjoy this event, these old ladies enjoy it too! cool madam! :)

here are our work. the fish-look-a-like-monster with the M is mine! the red dotted legs are Uut's.
beside hers, the red dotted head doll is Widya's

Anyway me and some of my college’s friend started to have a lil business in this craft thingy. Playin with clothes, flannel, clay, beads.. all for handmade things. We enjoy making handmade stuff and think why don’t we let people enjoy our work too. Wish us luck, :)

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