Thursday, May 13, 2010

feel free to write

well, just another random post. i don't know since when this blog became more and more personal haha..someone once said don't write personal thing on your blog cause people doesn't like it. well, i'm not agree. okay, maybe people won't like it, but forbid ourselves to write what we wanna write? are you sure?

blog for me is a diary. something i wanna share but maybe i'm too shy to share it face to face. personal or not,  mellow things or travelling journey, blog is my space, my territory. think it's silly? feel free to close the page.

some of my friend famous by their daily fashion blog. some other share their magnificent photos and experience in their travelling blog. oh, i'd love to read them. but some others writing about their pain, their stupidity, their passion in life and i found myself cry with them, laugh in the same time, and sometimes get inspired. nothing wrong with writing about yourself in blog. you don't know how much stalker get something by you when they drop by.

that's, in my humble opinion.

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