Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Out With Fellas: Sutos

Hang out with fellas is always fun! last early April my high school mate was going back to Indonesia. Sis Winda decided to take a look for a while in Surabaya in her way to Kalimantan. Poor, in this posting there was no one of her picture with us hahah..Most of the picture was taken by her digicam, i just have some left and not full version of the people who came to that Saturday-nite-hang out-to Surabaya Town Square

Actually nothing special to post, i'm just in the mood to share some happiness and narcissism way :D

  window shopping in some shoes stores. and guess what, they have nice mirror

I love this picture, even i wasn't the focus of the pic teehee..
left to right: me, pyut, intan, dj. don't ever think to date my girls, they are all taken :D

finishing touch is the legendary sapo tahu in Solaria. perfect!

I'll post some of my hangout activity with my fellas soon. They are all my burst of happiness :)
see you soon! xxoooxxo

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dela said...

Nothing beats hanging out with close friends!! :)

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