Wednesday, June 2, 2010


hello,short intermezzo between all the hectic things happen around here. just fyi, tomorrow i'm gonna have 3, no i mean, 3 final exam. oh God, just like one exam a day is not enough, they made it three and final too!*sigh

well, i'm stressed out and have a lack of sleeping. i don't know why, i never felt as nervous as this before. i beg for your pray again all my dear friends huhu.. exam can be so hard anyway. and if it is going hard and stressful, i'm starting to hate it  >:(

if things settle down, i promise i'll give you a report about my final exam, which actually fun if they not made it all happen in same week. love you all always, i miss blogging and blogwalking so much. i miss to see you all, comment on your post, hope i can see you soon.

PS: if you are currently live in Surabaya, please take a look on my college exhibition in Despro Building, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. They will be hold till next Friday. Me and my friends do awesome job about city branding for Communication Visual Design 4 project work :p. Your coming really makes my day! :)

much love always,


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