Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things I'd Love to Do Recently

1. Staying Late at Coffee Shop and Doing Nothing but Chit Chat :p
With my girl Cutooo at Coffee Corner Surabaya.

I was starving. Ordered two dishes and ate them directly :p :p. The Chicken Fillet came with spicy sauce I like the most. But I can resist the Tom Yam soup! Love it very much!! But I didn't feel the same for the Mint Tea.. For me it tasted like toothpaste.. Too much mint, sorry :I

2. Going to Music Gig with the Boys haha.. 
I never went to Tambaksari Stadium before. I was curious what it inside look like.. And.. whoa, the chance was coming! Indiefest featuring Maliq n d’Essential was our magnet to come. But who knows that Slank would perform too?  That’s why we need boys.. to become a bodyguard haha.. But then, in fact,  I suppose Dila and I doing quite well about keeping our safety. The boys can enjoy the show, no need to follow us everywhere!:))

Performing by GIGI

See? Those boys were screaming. I found it rocks and horrifying at the same time haha :D

Near the entrance door they provided a huge poster. It was supposed to be the background of the photo shoot I think hihi..

Lale!! How can you be so cool! :p

The Bottlesmoker guys. Gorgeous. See our veil matched the color of their hat hihi..
Dila, the one taking pictures was Essa, the guy with a cap was Aar. I've just realized we were all using black outfit.. What a coincidence..

Take a seat while waiting the boys watching GIGI perform. Anywayy.. I really love my new boots! :p
Next, I was curious  how Tambaksari will exactly rocks when Persebaya * play there.. Essa gimme the ‘Hah?’  face when I revealed it hihi.. Probably if that time come, I will really need a bodyguard :p

3. Visiting the Coolest Art Exhibition in Town 
I always looking forward about visiting art exhibition. Yeah, it is a good way to explore new thing, get inspired and have fun in the same time. The last exhibition I visited was Umbul-Umbul Blambang at Balai Pemuda Surabaya. The photos will tell you exactly how wonderful it was :)   

I was impressed with their way using oil painting.. Whoaa..nice texture..

Another "whoaaa.."

My friend Icha accompany me :)

And Cutooo as always hihi..

My favorite. Too bad I didn't capture it's detail.. But this mix media art using technique which seems like you stick some gold paper into the canvas then pull it, left it's gold surfaces. I assumed hihi..

Oh, and I eat much lately.. I alaways eat much when I am happy hihi.. 

Okay, that's all peeps! See you in the next post! The upcoming post will be Bandung Trip Part II.. See the Part I here..


*Persebaya is a football team from Surabaya. It famous most because their fanatic fans called Bonek. Maybe as fanatic as Hooligans for England footbal team. Or more :p Tambaksari Stadium is their home stadium.


Danish Azman said...

setiap ketemu di Mesin, aku slalu pengen ketawa liat dia, wkwkwkw

misstyzha said...

siapa? faldy? :p

Danish Azman said...

ojo ngeles bu...

blog yg sering anak ITS yg sering saya kunjungi : mas ayos, tika we, bundo, icha, ridwansyahyusufachmad, mas rifai, mas esa, dan kamu

jadi ojo sensi klo aku komen yo, wlpun nyleneh, hehehe

misstyzha said...

aduhh siapa yg sensi kl yg ngomen sekeren huda? hahahaha
gaklah huda..mampir2 aj. syukur ad yg mau baca blog catatan gendeng punya saya hihi..ceritanya nagco, englishnya masi awut2an pisan hihi