Friday, April 15, 2011

ICCI 2011: Vacation Version!

Last March I was chosen to be one of the organizing committee staff of ICCI 2011 with 20 others. International seminar which held in Bali means.. a work plus vacation, yihaa!! I’ll share some of the happiness with you. Many photos! Please enjoy :)

We got cool hotel hihi.. More than enough for student like us :3

See i love black so much! :)

Found this old tiles was interesting :3

on our way to Kuta.
Haha..Salman's was looking at Toya..I was wondering he admire her haha!

Yeahhh! Rock on!

Where's your momma, lil boy?

Ah, she probably was doing her job..

I took the picture of logos and those graphic-thingy which interested me..
I didn't forget that I am a graphic student teehee..

We did the redesign of this bikini shop logo in our 5th semester

Heaven for shoe fetish like me

It's cuter than the one we have in Surabaya!

One of my favorite shoes shop. Cute with reasonable price :)

But afterall it's not all about vacation. I'll post the hard working scene later. 

Happy almost weekend fellas! :)

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