Saturday, April 2, 2011

Watchout! Dear Darla!

Attention! I’ve just launched an accessories line with my fellas! Super yayyy!!!

Worth to watch as well as to buy! :))

The purpose itself it’s not all about gain no.. We passionate about making handmade thing and just let the world knows about it :) For me, myself, this is brainchild that I will keep build :)

Inspired by Andi Darwis, The founder of KasKus, just enjoy what you do, the money will come itself. Aaannnd inspired by Diana Rikasari with her Up shoeline, don’t forget about charity. The more you gave, the more you get :)

Plese add our FB account and suggest your friend to become our friends for quick update. It may refuse your adding now, but please please try around two days later. I have made any mistake so that technical issue beat me :p. But it will be fixed soon, don’t worry...

Sooo happy shopping! Remember all good things are investment :p
PS: We do dream Dear Darla become a long lasting brand. Pray for us, eh? And hope for a lil bit luck? Thankies! :)

I’ll see you around, Dear! :p

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