Saturday, July 16, 2011

'Lil News from New Eyes

Hello hello hi readers! Anyway Hello Hello Hi is a song title... But unfortunately I forget the singer... Okay skip. So, how was your day so far peeps? Mine’s great! I mean after a long time, and yes I mean really long, I finally feel relaxed. Have been staying home for couple of weeks, banned from watching TV, sms-ing and using PC too much, I do nothing but eat and sleep. Kinda boring at first, of course! I was bored to death. But then I found out that, hey, I wasn’t banned to do something by hand! So you see the end then.. I spend days by being a creative girls, doing nothing but sewing, made same necklaces or broochs and sometimes doodling and writing diaries. It's relaxing somehow.

Unfortunately for me holiday almost over! Have I told you before? On next semester, maybe in first weeks I'll have my final session. My first final session, yeah we have four here so the last one just call it final-final session hehehe.. Anyway  the preparation for that is the only one thing that made my mom let me out. Oh yes, she is as excited as me with the idea I graduate next March. That's why I need to come to my uni regularly to take care my final project. Well, I still have some days left before leaving all these retreats...

Umm what else? Oh yeah, people curious about eyes. Well to be honest I still can’t use it normally. I mean it is tired easily, which made me dizzy in the end. I asked the doctor once and he said my eyes still need some time to get used with my previous daily activities... Anyhow, I am not complaining.  That all worth it for taking of glasses :)

My parents and sister already back home, my brother goes to uni everyday, leave me stay alone at home during week. It's hard, that past two weeks was great. All I need is just jump out from my bed and I found food everywhere. Now? Back to student-live-alone, dude!

Well, that's all I can say. I already spent hours in front of PC and my eyes starts teary. Uh oh. I'll see you around gorgeous people! Much love!

PS: I hate the fact that Marshanda was staying beside Ben Kasyafani when he had her eyes fixed. I wish MassnyaMisstyzha did the same to me.. ;'( *curse to LDR*
Oh and please pray for me so I can graduate next March. If I don’t graduate yet, my mom won’t let me to tie the knot hihi... #devilsmirk
And... I am feeling sorry to my office mates for leaving them to take care all the things. I hope I'll recover soon then I'll able to come back and help :)

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