Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Launching, Graduation, and Everything within

Had a very happy and beautiful weekend alhamdulillah... Attending the launching of Kitab Writerpreneur last Sunday with MasnyaMisstyzha (he was spending weekend here! :D). The author, Sofie Beatrix is the wife of Jamil Azzaini. So, we got the free training by JA himself hehe... It was the first time for both of us seeing presentation from JA himself, and soon I found out that the presentation was superb, inspirative yet full of fresh jokes. MasnyaMisstyzha was so thrilled, that's a bonus for me :p

Anyway..I designed the cover for Kitab Writerpreneur. What do you think? ;p

Go grab in nearest bookstores!

Right after that, we were such in a rush went to my department to attended such an 'after party' graduation of my fellas. Ahhh they were looked lovely :3 Congratulation Uut, Widya! Hopefully me, Icha and Resti will soon graduate!!

See the paintings in frame which they bring? That were a graduation gift from us! An illustration of their face n personality hehe..

Uut, the one with songket, was alone since her family left firstly. So, we were sort of babysit her since Uut could be so clumsy and forgetful with her things hihi.. But still, it was fun! Can't wait for my own graduation!!

with Dila :')

And the day was ended with me spending time with MasnyaMisstyzha before took him to train station for going back to Bogor...

Super happy!! :)

Note: pics were taken by me, MasnyaMisstyzha and Resti :)

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