Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tension and Thrilled

Hey people, what's up? I've been offline lately cause there's a bit problem internet connection around here but everything already fixed by now. Anyway, I've been busy with my Final Project, I am going to have bar next week, so you see... I'm thrilled but of course I am nervous as hell!!! I'll let you know if something special happened then but for now my days filled by papers, questionnaires and I hardly left Ms Word and all the reference books. I don't complain, surprisingly I enjoy all the tension so please forgive me for not hanging around here maybe in the next two weeks... Oh, have I told you that I am a perfectionist kid? Hence, I just want give the best for this thing. I may graduate late, but I shouldn't graduate with 'so so' mark.

And... few days ago I read a blog post by Alanda. Please check 'em out since that was inspired me a lot and I hope that will work as the same for you, kiddos.

I'm not promising but I'll try my best to catch up!! *kisses*

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