Monday, February 13, 2012

So Gimme More News!

Today is Monday so it's time to post about dreams! :)

I've been crazy about writing since I don't remember. Very young, exactly. The clearest moment relate to this interest is when I was in second grade of elementary school. I had a tonsil surgery that time and as recovery-gift, I asked my mom to buy me a diary. I don't remember where the idea came from :)

Right after the doctor let me out, we drove forward to nearest stationary store and I choose the cutest diary in that place; a hardcover one with clown picture in the cover. Soon after we arrived at home, I started my first writing. I write about my experience having a tonsil surgery. And since that time, writing is an integral part of my life.

(I still remember how my first diary looked like. The cover, the pinkish sheets... Seem like I am still having it someplace in my house.. Oh what memories :p)

In the other hand, my parents never realize that their oldest children have a big tendency in writing, neither do I. I always love Bahasa lesson. I did my writing task wholeheartedly, even my friends were freak out about that. But nothing really happened until I was in 6th grade and my Bahasa lecturer, Ms. Lilik, a very keen and dynamic teacher, encourage us to participate in writing essay competition which held by one of private tv channel, SCTV. I remember writing two full page-folio about my dreams, the craziest one, like having trip across the universe, visiting planets and so on. ( I forgot most of the details, sorry )

That was my first time participating in such competition so it was not surprising after sending the essay, that thing flew out off my mind quickly. But then you see how puzzled I was when weeks (or months?) after that, in the middle of holiday, Ms. Lilik called me. Sounded so crazy that time, she told me I win the competition. The first place.

In a nutshell, Ms Lilik had found my talent and after that shocking-but-happy moment she did a lot of help of letting me know every writing competition that were held. I win almost all competition, most as a first winner. PORSENI, then a writing essay that held by Total Indonesie, were a few. The rest was history.

As I grew up, I develop my writing skills into more literature-ish. I started writing short story, poem... and win several too. But when I started my day as uni student, I flipped.

Now that I become an art student in technology institute, I found it was hard to find a literature-ish atmosphere. But thanks God, at least I still can find my media to write. I become a a journalistic crew of ITS Online since I was freshman. The main responsibility of it was filling articles in This is what I called flipped! After long time working with sort of poems now I must write news articles! Ha! What a different world!

But soon I enjoyed my work there and learn quickly  to write news. I also got a chance to do part time in local newspaper as a part of training.Then, hat happened next was surprising. Almost 4 years working there made myself clear about what I want to do in the future. You can guess what? Yes, become a journalist :)

an English-based-writing newspaper in Indonesia

My first crush is Media Indonesia. To be honest I don't really care about what they write there but after seeing the layout of the newspaper, I felt in love (seems I couldn't diminish my art sense even in this sorta things..). Some MI crews also had visited my campus couple years ago for sort of roadshow and I was amazed with how dynamic their crews are. So young and full spirited.

I also used taking Kompas as consideration. They never be in my first place since their style of writing is a way bit serious for me. But sure, I am head over heels withe their Sunday edition. The Samuel Mulia's column and all those fashion pages is just... coolness.

But then I met this English-based-writing newspaper, The Jakarta Post. They aren't really new for me since my uncle is working there as a jornalist too. But I never really pay attention to them until the time when I trapped in boring time of waiting in my uni language center and all I had there was tons of The Jakarta Post they have subscribed. Well, now finally  I know where I exactly want  to go! :)

I have did a bit research and they usually do recruitment around November. The requirements for applicants were quite general; 550 TOEFL score... must include our writing example in article...and on. I also got news several weeks ago that my senior in high school is having trainee as reporter there. I guess I'll pick some tips from her :)

Oh and it may sound a bit out of topic but do you know Anchor Woman or News no Onna? It is a famous Japan tv series back then in 90's. Go browsing for it cause I don't have much time to explain about it :p
It was a really good tv series. I first watched it when I was in junior high school, and  it still become my favorite after years. I learn a lot from it, and I think the story of the series was influenced me to working in a news field (the story was about a news tv anchor life, with all those intrigues).

So that's all the sharing of dreams for today, peeps! Happy facing weekdays! Ciao x

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