Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Hi and a Good Bye

It's started like a habit to write last year review and write the goals for the upcoming year. 2012 for me is about two big thing: my struggle to be kicked out to be graduating from uni, and my wedding preparation. Thanks God that two were done well and I am ready to face new year that I hope will be way lot more colorful :D

But anyway, let's give a check for what I had been hoping to be achieved in 2012 ;)

1. Graduate from university. Checked! I didn't get the cumlaude title but I got a lot of lesson through doing my Final Project. It's priceless, and sure helps me become more mature. Yess!!!

2. Getting married.... Oh yes :) It was the happiest moment in my life by far. And since my birthday is in the same month as my wedding, I suppose it was the best birthday gift as well ♥

3. Having my own full time job. I guess I should skip my first plan as being news reporter in Jakarta. I will be moving to small city with my hubby, but instead of regret it, I found it as blessing. 2012 was a busy year and I expect to have more time for me and my (new) family in 2013. So being a full time reporter is not an option. But, that isn't we were talking about now right? The fact is I failed last year heheh... but I have a good feeling in 2013 ;) 

4. Writing books. Is 'buku nikah' (marriage book? What's the English word for it?) count? 

5. Writing 'serious' literature.Well, I wrote some poems...

6. Post at least one artwork here each month. You're kidding, right? I'll do it in 2013!!! *burning spirit*

So it is.. Like I have told you, 2012 was only about two big things hehe... Now, how about 2013 hope and resolution?

1. Pregnant
         I hope around June I will get the good news :D I didn’t expect it to be very soon since we plan to have the dating-after-marriage time and also because I want to give a birth in February 2014. I already have a name for my I-hope-February-baby ♥ (silly I know)

      2. Writing at least one book
        No more excuses in 2013. I am done with uni and crazy wedding preparation and I plan to work from home, so let see... It is really no more excuses for 2013!
      3. Giving rebirth to Dear Darla
        After selling fashion item, I guess it’s the time to broaden to something else... You’ll hear the news around  April, Insha Allah...
      4. Doing more artsy thingy
       Well, let’s start it from last year resolution. One finished artwork a week

      5. Moving to a new house and decorate it to keep my artsy spirit alive
       Me and husband already found a lil cute house to be our sanctuary for the next two years. I felt in love the first time I saw it and can’t wait to make it homey :D

      6. Make a finance plan and take care our lil family finance
       First thing to do is make a list what we should have in 2013, then made a separated bank account for family money, savings, etc. Thanks to Menuju Indonesia Kuat by Ligwina Hananto :D

      7. Submit hajj application
       Since there is a long waiting list for hajj (the last time I hear is 13 years waiting list --") we plan to register as soon as possible. We will use our wedding gift money to cover some of the hajj cost so that we hope our wedding guest will get the same blessing as us :) Another AMEN!

     8. Learning more about business and invest
    Working-from-home-mom is on the go :D

     That's from me...for now at least! Hey, have you made some goals too? :)

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