Friday, April 19, 2013

A HUGE Thank Yous

Morning people? Howdy? Mine's great! More of it, tomorrow is Saturday which means holiday to Surabaya! Yay yay yay!!!

Anyway it turns out many people really like my current theme post; my after life wedding heheh... I got lotsa nice comments through blog/ facebook/ twitter/email (I got some new friends too!) and I can't say more than I appreciate it, A LOT! Thank you for reading! *burst in tears*

Actually there was some cynical comments in the past which questioning why I always babbling and show off about my 'happiness'. It made me sad at that time to know that people bothered with what I wrote... But now I am okay with it since I AM SURE I am nothing near show off, that I just want to share my daily experience, both happiness, silly thing even the sad ones (to be honest, nobody asked them to read my blog or subscribe to my status if they don't want to...).But still, nice comments are really heartwarming :) Thank you again! There were also some people said it was inspired them. Wow, I never assume my silly sharing could inspire anyone! It's too much, but thank you thank you again, very berry much, for saying such nice thing :)

Well, so what we have today? Actually I am not in the mood to write about my day with hubby since I haven't being too good wife lately (less cooking, sleep early than him. Huh.).. But I'll write again very soon! Starting from now I'll have scheduled post that will be appeared every Monday. So if you thirsty for my updates (ha!) please stop by at least in the beginning of the week. I am sure you'll find something read-worthy :)

Quick updates: now I am preparing Dear Darla newest collection for the most anticipated event this May, which I am in!

DATE REVISED: May 3rd to 4th. PLEASE COME!!!
And I am apparently missing this lovebirds so damn much... What can I say? I am a little girl by heart :)

I'll hanging around very soon!

Lot of love ♥


(not literally, I am Mrs. already)
(Okay, skip that)

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