Monday, April 29, 2013

Blah Blah

You's already past four months I've been married with this lovable guy. I cherished every moments (so he do I guess) and there are times I still mesmerized how I lucky I am to found soulmate in this very young age (subjective of course) and that easy (another subjectivity).

My life, my current happy life, maybe won't seen that 'happy' or that 'satisfying' for some people and I am nowhere to prove who's right here since everybody has their own standard. I may not has the most gigantic, glamorous wedding party, but I am hoping very much that people was really enjoy the time as much as I do. My husband may not rich since he was born, so I am okay for now, for not having any driver, personal assistant etc ( I din't say about domestic helper. I guess, I need it now). He works hard for his life, and now for me too, for his family, so we can eat and you may also say so I can afford buying my favorite beauty tools. We still don't have our own house, we still rent one, and our car, to mobilize us when we go outside town, was lent by my father. I am okay with that, I am very okay with that since I know it's temporary and seeing his way of work, it's just a matter of time we reach our dream way of living.

Plus, I'll help a little with it.

I don't know what I am saying here. Blah.

Maybe it's just me, when I look up and see that tons people around me have a stable living, maybe they doesn't need to work that hard; dealing with heartless boss, icky sink, managing your works when trying as much as possible to do all house works as well, found your skin getting dull and remembering when the last time you have time to do facial, home and found your wife is crying because she hates gecko which is literally everywhere in your overpriced rented house which turned out has everything that she hate. And you soon will hate it since you hate when your wife is sad. 

I am fully realized maybe it's sound too egoistic, that people will started yelling that I am-oh-so-not grateful. That there are lots of people are homeless when I am complaining about the geckos in my house. It's okay since I know I am not that kind. It's just me in one of her bad day.

By the would be very nice if I am pregnant this May or June... I always love babies and can't help to have my very own soon. But I know May is one of the busiest month that I have; frankly I have one bazaar, new layout magazine to be handled, one packaging design that must be done in May... Not to mention the new clothing line which I am still single fighter in. 

I really have no idea what I am trying to say here. Too much sugar equals too much randomness *I eat almost half dozen of Dunkin's Donut in less than 24 hours*

It's just me being sad. After coming back from weekend full of work I got to face that rats may inspect my working room. Nobody can help me since hubby is at work so the best thing I could do was locking the inspected room which the rat may trapped inside (which it may already inappropriately stepping on my precious cloth material :'( ). It's safe by far but my happy mood is already gone which I know from staring three hours doing nothing but eye-gazing on celeb pictures in party gown instead of doing my deadlines :( This sad feeling drives me into the blah-blah and sounds-like-not-very-grateful words above.

I guess I should stop since I don't know what to write anymore. My moods is getting better after all...

By the way, in case you are questioning "what the heck this woman keep writing this pointless words" just remember it; to do write is healing. If you are not enjoy my word here just remember, at least one good thing about this randomness is it made me feel better. To open up, to just let out what I have been thinking, sad or worrying of is what keeping me sane in my worst day. It my sound silly, but hey, it's my blog by the way! :p 

And, we we'll see next month is PMS also taking part in this issue too ;)

I'll keep writing! But for now, I need to cook for my hubby :)

NB: I am still having my promise to write at least every Monday! :)

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