Friday, April 12, 2013

In One Beautiful Morning

Couple weeks ago, in Saturday morning, we went to white sandy beach near our house. It felt like a real lover; holding hand, hugging each other, while we were sailing slowly through the row of evergreen. In those time were the times I felt most grateful to God, for giving me such imperfect but perfect partner of life. Ah, how I love weekend ♥

We were late for the sunrise actually
I always mesmerized how waves could create such beautiful mark. Wondering myself could do as well to others
Dead jellyfish! So sad... but I was quite excited since I never really saw a jellyfish
Beautiful skies and evergreen
Kiss kiss *not literally of course. Public place*
Act like  a crazy in love teenager. We still look like one at least, eh? :p

In the other hand, I have a very very sad news :'(. My granny are hospitalized for having stoppage blood vessel in her brain. She lost her memory even she doesn't remember her own children. I can't think, I just feel empty. So this weekend I'll go to Surabaya to visit her. Pray the best for her, kay? So she can gain her memory as soon as possible and can cook me pepes telor asin like she used to :(

And, oh, I have left scheduled post for tomorrow, so please stop by from 7 AM to see what I have save for you. I still keep my promise to write regularly here :)

Lots of looooveeee from meeee ♥♥♥


Tiananda said...

Tyzhaaaaa so sweeet :">
Marriage life is so fun, yes?? :D
Anyway Semoga nenek lekas sembuh yaaa :( aamiin

misstyzha said...

Absolutely, yes, mbak! hihi...mb tia juga so sweet...mudahan suami dapat dinas ke LN juga biar aku bisa mikut ah :p

Artika Farmita said...

Ini pantai yg deket pelabuhan SG itu kannn? Setiap lewat selalu penasaran pengen masukk. It's really beautiful, ternyata :P

Artika Farmita said...

Ini pantai yg deket Pelabuhan SG itu kannn? Waaa..ternyata emang bagus. Setiap aku ke daerah Bancar, selalu lirik2 penasaran ke sini :D

misstyzha said...

waduh, gak tau aku mbak...masih buta arah haha...ini yang deket terminal baru pokoknya...iyaa baguss..pasir putih ama banyak cemara lautnya..tapi asline mayan kotor :<
*yg keliatan sampahnya gak dipublish hahaha...