Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yellow and Shopisticated

Hello readers...seriously, is there anyone who really check out my blog regularly? I am feeling like jumping into the well since I was so ashamed of myself to be one of the baaadd and laaazy blogger. Well, I guess you gonna familiar with it

Cliche but, yes, life have been busy yet I enjoy my reality so much then I become so egoistic not to share the whole story here. The truth is I have broke my digital camera and it feels like I lost half of my heart. Seriously, for such kind of person who always brings camera literally everywhere, snap this snap that, from beautiful flowers till the look-delicious-but-unfortunately-not food that I see in my daily life, it is so heart breaking to see my camera is not working. Poor, I live in a small city, so I have to bring this camera to a bigger one for a repairment (I am on my way to do it next week). This thing is the biggest reason why you saw no picture in my latest post. You may said, don't you have handphone with camera? Yes, I am... But it is not same, my friend, it never be same...

By the way have you check newest e-magz in town??

Click the image to shoot the web! 

I did the logo, cover and layout...Please tell me what do you think for future improvement! Aaanndd...enjoy the issue! It is really read-worthy, promise! ;)

I'll write again since my deadline is almost over haha..

And I still manage my promise to post a least one posting/ week, 7 AM in Monday, new post already hang up here... PINKY PROMISE!

Lots of love from Tuban ♥♥♥

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