Monday, September 25, 2017

How to Balance

This afternoon I was stalking along some of my favorite Instagram accounts. I jumped to kekekania’s and strolling around her timeline until one post; in which she answers question from people who asked how to balance works and family (since she looks very good in both of it). And her response was like, “What balance? My’s a mess!!"


A nice-growing one business, happy family with two kids and husband who able to cook, not to mention always looks good in her comfy-effortless working outfit, it’s easy to people judging that way. Including me, who always think that how amazing any woman can gain that much energy (and still stay sane). Well, it‘s bit relieving later to know that it may not be 100% true :)) (Then I guess, there’s hope for woman like me :p)

Keke said that she doesn’t want to give up on her dreams, yet she tries her best to be present for her kids. I think this is sum up everything. My dream, your dream, our dreams were as valuable as others. Not because of marriage, nor having kids, we should stop.

Maybe it will be harder to reach,
Maybe it looks so far, far away, you have no idea will you reach it someday,
Or maybe you need a little arrangement to fit in your condition nowadays..

But just don’t give up on it.

Of course there will be a mess, who doesn't? Every woman does. It's just (mostly) social media covered it well. Keep on rolling, running, walking even crawling; just simply keep on moving to try balance things. 

If it’s makes you happy, if you think it’s makes your life worth it, more if you think it will become the legacy you want your kids inherited, go for it, mama :)

Work hard for it, and give the best for your family *smooch x

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