Monday, August 25, 2008

oh my..;p

it could be my lucky day........

today i met him twice.

added later: three times ^0^

first, he was looking for my friend but he hadn't found him. so finally he just fiddled faddled with me (you know, ngobrol..).
it didn't take so much time but i was enough surprise i got a chance to talk with him.yipee...*lol

second times he came again to talked to my friend (luck for him, my friend was there at the time). i did something that rrrreallly stupid! i tried to refrain myself (from happiness, yeah it's disgusting, huh?;p) but it didn't work well i guess cause he tilt his head when he saw me smiling n said "why you're smiling?"

God!I'm so embarrassed then i think i will take it till my death!

he talked to my friend for a while and before he started to go away he came to me and ask something. it doesn't a big thing, just like say hello and he made some joke.but yeah! it's really mean!ahaha..

and the third. (i can't mention the location we met cause i suppose some of you can guess who he is when i mention it ;p)
just like the second meeting. say hello and he tempt me a bit (in the context of joke)..;p

hmm. i can't found the perfect way to show my feeling right now.but yes i'm happy ;p

he's not the perfect one but he is perfect for me. or like malique n d essentials said "dia..seperti yang slama ini kunantikan, aku impikan.."

he just sooo different from the boys i have met before hiahaha...just let it flow ;p


A New Day Has Come said...

Aiih... what a romantic story. it reminds me long-long day in the past. jatuh cinta berjuta rasanya, rite? ;)

*salam kenal juga

aklam said...

hmm bolehkah saya menebak dik?
apakah dia berada diantara desingan kompie?
apakah dia seorang cowok yang berada di ruangan sebelah?
jika ya, aku setuju! hahahaha
sip sip
ganteng kok arek iku
pinter pisan

tyzha said...

wah mas ayos tebak-tebak berhadiah nih hehehe...

@new day has come
ta link yoh mas ;)

Anonymous said...

jikalau tebakan ayos bener, aku yo kek ono bagian yo tyz. order kan dari sayah. ojo ingkari itu.

senang kalau anggota tim saya ada yang jatuh cinta. berarti masih normal.

*ahh jadi ingat masa muda, saat jumpa dia, dia yang itu dan dia yang satunya. wekekekekek