Sunday, August 31, 2008

i have been lookin forward for you..Ramadhan ;)

Tommorrow is the first day we do Ramadhan shaum.. i really love Ramadhan month. It brings peaceful atmosfer around cause everybody try their best to keep up their temper (even though they don’t try so hard, the will be still keep their temper because the other will complain if they don’t do; hey, remember, we’re fasting today..something like that ;p)

yes you, girl!no more sh*t yeah!just keep your mouth!
Happy Ramadhan!;p

I feel little mad actually cause i can’t fast on the first day Ramadhan (and the next next day i suppose ;( ) yeah it is because ‘that thing’ come in very unappropriate time. Just like there is something wrong when i miss fast in the first day ramadhan.. ;(

I just can hope ‘that thing’ won’t come in Idul Fitri day, amin.. it feels quite bad for me to miss Idul Fitri pray that simbolize the born of new us. (ok, it is not just a symbol actually. It’s a pray that really really recommended. And the born of new us to be a better person should done everyday actually, not only in Idul Fitri day)

One year ago i saw someone wear baju koko *shirt that usually used by moslem boy to pray or for religious ocassion* the first day of Ramadhan. He wore it all day in the class. I am wondering will he wear it again this year too ;p it’s quite rare to find person who wear baju koko in my field of studies so i have been looking forward for it haha...

Hope this Ramadhan brings me to a better person in all aspect, especially in my religious guidance, amin...

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