Friday, September 12, 2008

story behind the name

My name is Tyzha Inandia. Actually my father didn’t plan to give me that name, he had plan to gave me name Tazha Ananda which consider to my mum and dad’s name (hatTa fariZa) and Ananda which means ‘the daughter of’. So Tazha Ananda means the daughter of Hatta and Fariza. I knew this things when i was in about 4th grade of elementary school. People in the school often asked how can i get the unique name and what is it means. i don’t know how to answer them so one day i asked my mum and she told me the story behind my name above. That at first they have another name for me.

But one thing, i forget to asked her why they change my name in the last minute to Tyzha Inandia. Tazha Ananda has a meaning but i have no idea about Tyzha Inandia. . .
Till know i haven’t ask my parent why they change my name. Just like there’s something which persistent me to ask them why... i don’t know why is it. Inspite of my dad who admire ‘y’ letter so much and my uncle whose his last name is Ananda (and later give his name as the last name of all his children), i really have no idea why they change my name.

Except Tyzha Inandia sounds sweetier than Tazha Ananda haha..

And yeah! ‘y’ letter really works! I found some excitement in this letter like my father does!

Emm, i hope i can ask the them the reason why they change my name at near time. I don’t know why it so hard to just ask..

Oh yeah actually i’ve nickname that used only by my family and my close friend. It is ‘Inan’.People stop calling me Inan since i was in the college. Actually when i was in the high school, teachers (who usually call her students by their first name) start calling me Tyzha. I feel uncomfortable that time cause i grew up with Inan not Tyzha. But i was tired told them to call me Inan cause they always call me Tyzha in the end. Lately, i found that was ok. Inan or Tyzha is just same. But my schoolmate keep calling me Inan.

tyzha, just the same!
i'm still a girl with veil who get mad once a month!haha..

When i was in the college, i start present myself as Tyzha. It just for simplicity actually. So even my lecturer and my mates know me as Tyzha. But then i found it hard too when my high school friend ask my college’s mate don’t they know Inan and my college’s mates said even never heard that kind of name! Haha..whatever..

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aklam said...

i like this post gals! innocent! kekeke