Sunday, September 14, 2008

2# Tri Rismaharini

Next great woman that i would like y’all to know is Mrs Ir Tri Rismaharini, MT. She was the Head of Dinas Pertamanan Surabaya who now working as the Head of Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan (Bappeko) Kota Surabaya.

Emm.. i’m not sure how to write Dinas Pertamanan and Bappeko in english so i choose wrote it in original language. Can somebody help me translate it?^o^

Anyway not like Kyoko who i interviewed by live, i saw Mrs Risma when i covered a seminar which she had been a speaker there. Honestly, that seminar is kind of boring (oops..) i feel dizzy and i suppose others too cause i saw no interaction between the earlier speaker and the audience (oopss again, sorry..)

I know that she would be a speaker there and i was wondering how she will looked like cause i already heard about her several times before but haven’t meet yet. The master of ceremony said that Mrs Risma would came late cause she must do something before, so when in the middle of the seminar the woman came into the room, sitting in the back, i’m just so so at first.

But then i was wondering who she is cause although she was sitting in the back, it can’t cover her appeal at all. She just look smart and when she started to talking with someone in front of her (which i suppose were a journalist) i’m wondering it could be Mrs Risma.

see the great woman inside?

And her presentation was great! Eventhough she said that her presentation didn’t related too much with the main topic of the seminar, i suppose nobody cares about it. Her presentation kinda brings fresh wind to a dizzy people around (include me). Seems like her way of talk which so lively and her fresh joke made the seminar more alive. I’m not joking about it. Man in front of me which yawn several times before, now seems laughing several times and i’m sure he listen to all what Mrs Risma said. And not only the man. Especially people in the back which spent almost all their time to talk with person beside them, now seems pay full attention to Mrs Risma. Even when they talked each other, it was for commenting what Mrs Risma said.

Weew. It’s a rare phenomena for me.

Oh yes. And i woke up from my nap then focus again to what should i do, covering news. Thanks to Mrs Risma.

Actually what i’ve been learning for her is her confidence. I suppose you can get more information about her in many source. From her talking and what i’ve read about her, she kinda brave woman who very dedicated with her work. Maybe i can’t perfectly tell you what she really left to me, but one of them is yes, her braveness. And her belief; how hard it is, it’s still must be done if it is already be our responsibility.

And how hard the truth could be, it still worth it to be done.

Honestly, it’s rare for me to meet the government employee. But i suppose if we have more Mrs Risma in our country (oh come on) we should have done better. You go Mrs Risma ;)


ghosty1st said...

dinas pertamanan= work for park, bukan?
hehehe my english is not delicious (ga enak) because i dont know what-2 bout english
i born at suroboyo
so i only know suroboyo. hehehe

Matt Winters said...

Dinas Pertamanan = Gardens Department (or Parks Department)

Bappeko = City Planning and Development Agency