Friday, September 5, 2008

this Ramadhan brings my memories with him. Haha don’t continue read this post cause it could be so..

Ehm. Melancolic?

Actually i spent last ramadhan with him. I didn’t feel so homesick like now because there was him at the time. Sometimes i found that i’m still missing him but i think it’s normal cause i have been staying in love with him in quite long time, not only falling in love.

Ouh but please don’t be is only becuse i’m not being home in ramadhan, moment which usually i spend with my family in my hometown. Last year, the first ramadhan i spent myself in Surabaya as a college student i didn’t force myself too hard to let my mind off from my family because he made me enough busy actually ;p. But now i’m alone so i found that, yeah, it’s hard to be alone in Ramadhan.

The fact i’ve family in Ampel. But i can’t visit them regularly cause i’m still messed up cause of my task in new semester.

I ever spent Ramadhan far from my family, when i’m still in a high school in the neighbour city of my hometown. That because we must still went to school on Ramadhan cause we were already in 3th grade (yeah, preparing us for national examination). But my school is boarding school. So i still have many friends 24 hours to share our sadness (haha) cause spent ramadhan far from our family.

I miss my home. I never leave my hometown more than one year before this. ;(

I suppose i often wrote posting like this. What we call it? no. Complain. Sigh. Yes.

But i think that what a diary is for right? Show off what you can show directly ;p or what you’re not confident to talk, and feel more comfortable to write on it.

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