Friday, October 31, 2008

oh you annoy me

i don't know what he exactly want. he just creepin around fuck everything he dislikes and i just don't know why he must so much complaining about.

honestly i indisposed to his way of fuckin everything. oh come on i'm not a holly woman at all but please can you keep your mouth boy, at least for petty things that too petty to be fucked up?

my day was so terrible that you don't need to make it worse. and i suppose you did so why don't you start making people happier despite of making them more annoyed.

or at least if you get mad you can fuck us in javanese or indonesian. i suppose we have enough words for it and it sounds funny to hear 'jan***' or 'bren****' than 'fuck off' anyway

ah dasar lu sok english ko cuma buat misuh uh


Anonymous said...

ohhh ada yang nyebelinn.. mana fotonya si nyebelin..
*numpang blogwalkin

tyzha said...

ini nih yg nyebelin, yg komen di atas *hehe..