Sunday, October 26, 2008

a party of culinary!

Oh my! I hope i’m not too late to write about it! Even it’s late, i must write it! Cause it’s cannot be anything else except culinary in Idul Fitri day..


Both of my parents were born in Ampel, Surabaya. Place that i assume most of you know as the place most Arabian people live in Surabaya. They were born and had just left Ampel when they got married and moved to Kalimantan, so it was not a strange things that they grew up with Arabic culture more than Javanese culture itself.

Which then i assume, passed to their children..

In Ampel, even some Javanese people don’t cook opor ayam when Hari Raya comes. In Bontang, my hometown, there aren’t many people who came from Ampel or have an Arabian blood. People usually cook opor ayam or bakso as their Hari Raya’s meal.

But in my house, cause it was Arabic culture, you won’t find opor ayam or sambal goreng ati when it already Idul Fitri day, but..

say hello to gule! i lllovveee it so much! yum!

The goat meat (i’m not sure it was the right calling) was difficult to find in days except Hari Raya Kurban in Bontang. That’s why my mother change gule which usually use goat meat (is it true what we call for it?) to meat of cow (i’m really not sure it was the calling of that kind of meat :( ). Anyway it doesn’t make a big change for me because the important part in gule was the broth which is so spicy.

Actually there were two kind of gule, that was gule merah and gule kuning. My mum said there weren’t any big difference from both of it except gule kuning use turmeric more than gule merah which then give it a yellow appearance of gule. Gule merah is more familiar, like my mom cooked for Idul Fitri or like people sold. I assume it because reddish gule more attract our eyes which then gave a suggestion that it will taste more delicious then the another one (consider to Miss Senja said, red is ‘hunger’ color that’s why give more sense.. oh OOT for a bit)

and the next meal could be..

the crispy roti maryam

Some years ago my mother always made it by herself but in recent years she said that she was too tired to made it herself so i and my brother, which back every Idul Fitri holiday, must bring a big styrofoam cube which fulled of made-in-Ampel-roti-maryam.

This kind of bread, my mum said, familiar to eat with sugar for coffee break at the morning in Arabian country. Children also enjoy this meal eaten with sugar. But originally roti maryam made as a friend for eating gule. It was the carbohydrates source that’s why used to complete the gule which were the source of protein. But people here sometimes prefer eating gule with ketupat or lontong rather than roti maryam so my mum made some ketupat too for that kind of reason

ketupaat..see u in next Lebaran! amin!

I am one of them actually. I stiil eating gule with ketupat and eating roti maryam with sugar, that’s made my mum calling me like a child. Oh my brother too. He even didn’t enjoy eating goat-meat-gule and prefer sate ayam than sate kambing. I’m not that bad, i admire sate kambing so. But I suppose the Ampel blood didn’t passed down fully to us :D.

Oh ok. The maryam made of flour and butter mixing. The ingredients was so simple but how to make it is quite unique. Remembered me to write about it cause i found it is hard to just tell it by the words, so i’ll made the illustration before. It taste plain, a little bit salty and crispy if u eat it fresh after it been fried.

Then..don’t forget about the Lebaran cookies..

My mother stops making nastar (you know cookies with pineapple jam on or in it, usually shaped like a basket) since she was bored eating the same cookies everytime she come to other’s house in Idul Fitri. But kaastengel (another-legendary-Lebaran-cookies, the one shaped rectangle with slice of cheese on) still prepared in our house. But my mum change its apperance to a basket, still with slice of cheese on it.

That’s make people more attracted to it i suppose.. But in other way made them think why nastar should have a slice of cheese on it

But the king of all was the cornflakes cookies. It was a simple cookies actually. Just the mix of common chocolate cookies ingredients with cornflakes. Then it decorates with chocolate chips. This is my brother’s favorite. And dont forget about kurma cookies. Oh no it doesn’t contains dates after all, the name originally came from its shape which looks like a dates. My mom got the recipe from her family and it appear on every Lebaran in my house. Despite its appearance which not to attractive (oh yes, i admit it), it taste delicious with the black chocolates inside.

You know which one is cornflakes cookies and which is kurma cookies right?

My mother bring back a lot for me when i back to Surabaya. No, i don’t complaint amazingly :)

Well, that was the culinary of Lebaran day! It was amazing afterall, chance to eat many delicious meal and forget tempe penyet for a while.. it doesn’t mean i’m complaining you know, but it could be fun sometimes to eat something which not have last name..penyet! Haha..i’m just joking! So see u later in another culinary report! :)

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