Tuesday, December 30, 2008

before d day

Mudah2an this yer ga jadi ultah paling buruk sepanjang masa. Well satu hal yang pasti, no time for yourself babe! I’ve just planned myself for that day since today but my friend ask for doin photography task. EUHHHHHHHHH!!

Dont they know that i REALLY need time prepared myself for goin 20? No, they didn’t know i assume. They should be ask for out for dinner rather than think i could be have no passion for it.

Oke babe, you got the 30 but not for 31. I WON’T OUT EVEN FOR TASK REASON. Everythin can wait till 1st january except my stuff.
It made me sounds like egoist person. But i dont care. I didnt feel alright and i have my own right to make this things better.

I miss my home, i really need my mom and dad. And my lil sister.even i miss my brother. He lives here in Surabaya too but i suppose i wouldnt have chance to spent time with him on my b’day too.

Yea right. That’s the biggest confession afterall. I wont spent my day with my family, even getting a while with them. Last yer i spent my day doin revison for Gambar Bentuk1. But its not that bad cause it just Gambar bentuk1 you know. I don’t mean anything by that but all we do it jus maaking sketch by pencil. So you can see that we can did it quickly.. and one of my favourite niece came, bring up birthday cake and we spent time to talk about everything, and last yer i was already unhappy cause other thing so you know, a bit more unhappy feel about b’day won’t change.

But this yer?
No more gambar bentuk babe. But we have children book as Illustration task. Yep i’m not kidding. Children book.

I still can’t understand why i have no passion doin this thing. This stuff was the main problem afterall. I must spend my day doin this rather than give time for myself. And its quite hard i must admit. Honestly i have so many ideas flyin on my mind thats why it’s hard to choose which one is the best. And it must be finished before 3rd january. And you know that digital printing kiosk should be closed on New Year Eve thats why it should be printed today. Or tommorrow.

But i havent finished yet. Cause i have no passion. I must loooking forward is that no passion related with laziness.

So you understand right why i feel so unhappy even it just one day before my day and it still morning (i’ just heard azan subuh)?


Anonymous said...

habiskan waktu being 20 sama siapa dan kemana tyz? apa kamu lupa, kamu punya keluarga satu lagi di lantai 6 perpus. hehehe klo berkenan rayakan saja being 20 mu dengan kami. asal ada makanan ada minuman, *singkat kata bancakan* kami akan berubah menjadi makhluk menyenangkan. hahahaha

tyzha said...

klo menurut saya sih umur 20 harus lebi bijak ya mas..dan untungnya saya cukup bijaksana buat nggak menyediakan makanan dan minuman untuk para penghuni lantai 6 yang memiliki nafsu luar biasa pada dua hal tersebut haha!

being 20 dihabiskan khusus untuk diri sendiri aja hehe..