Friday, January 8, 2010

my batik class portofolio

hey what's up reader? doin your best for the  entire of the day? good, i do so, so let's give some cheers for us! :)

anyway like you all recognize, and i've write it in my profile too, i'm a visual communication design. simply called DKV, in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. but i rarely found some of my artworks here hiyahaha... maybe some of you assumed that i'm not kinda productive produce any artwork. haha actually it;s not true at all. most of my time spent to make any artwork. yet, any doodles. hmm but honestly i'm kinda lazy posting picture even photo in my blog. right, i'm not kidding! even only retouched or adjust the size is not an exciting idea for me. so that's why some of my post contains text much and less picture huhu..

anyway i think today it's a good start. i'm gonna face new semester next month and well this is new year too so let's making positive change around. for the starting point i plan to post my college task regularly here, in this blog, cause God knows that i'm not so interesting with deviantart-which should be more compatible to post some artwork thingy, ask me why.

and trus me dude, being DKV's student's means lot of fun. lot of creativity, and loottt artworks to post. *teehee.

for the last semester i've class named Desain Nusantara. all we do at class is mbatik. we started by making 40x 40 cm batik using kawung patterns. but for the next next projects we were able to make such modern batik pattern. My friend Uut ever wrote about our Desain Nusantara class here. 

i've made shawl with ITS -my uni.- theme. ITS is all about technical and blue. that's why you will see some gear in my shawl. and dont forget the logo of ITS itself.

this is the front of the shawl. 
actually i'm trying to take a photo when i was using this shawl. but too bad i'm not satisfied with the result. 
so enjoy yourself with this picture :)

this is the pattern which i drew all over the shawl. see some detail in left and right? it called isen-isen
which stands to umm..detailed patterns which made by canting. 
 isen-isen is what makes Indonesian batik looks so unique. the more it detailed, the higher it cost haha..

picture above is shawl tag for my shawl assignment. contains the brand and a lil bit babbles.
i try to made it like clothes or price tag if we buy something in dept. store

beside shawl, i made tote bag too! uhh i just love my handmade-batik-bag, but it hasn't return yet after i submitted it T_____T
just like the shawl, i made something too accompany the bag. in this case is kinda portfolio about the batik tote bag.

the front side of the porto. it was A4 sized.
i'm in a rush making this porto so i just grab myself as the model haha..i'm wearing the tote bag!


well done! so do you enjoy the post? hmm just gimme your support to add more crafty and artsy thingy to my blog, darling :)

i'll see you around!


tealovecoffee said...

very nice! must be a very hard work! :D
if only i could make batik, too ^^

cha said...

your writings show just how much of a spirited person you are
love your art, and your style of writing. i'm not gonna bother to correct the grammar, haha, just read my comments and maybe you can pick a few things from me (tidak bermaksud sombong ini mbak, ;])....
ajarin mbatik dong!!!!!!! (tr ica bntuin pk cat acrylic... ^^)

misstyzha said...

well yeah!so now i must thinking twice if i wanna bargain batik, after i knew exactly how hard to make it :p

misstyzha said...

aww thank you sweetie :-* that's a very nice of you

honestly i'm totally ashamed of myself haha! i've been learning English since i was in elementary school and still get nothing after all. so it's really nice there are you :DD

anyway making batik is not as hard as i think before, just like drawing but using canting instead of using pencil.and it is kinda relaxing moment. so yes, give it a try.

maybe we should do one-day-doin-art together. since i found that both of us have same passion in art-beside journalistic of course haha..what do you think?

aifasuitcase said...

adorable batik tote bag!^^

misstyzha said...

aww thankyou!! i've see your blog and totally love it :)

cha said...

sure. i'd love that. ^^=
we'll have more talk on that when we meet again in sby, okay :)