Sunday, January 4, 2009

the children book disaster

Well hey there i’ve just come home after doin our photography task on my friend house. Everythin goin ok today actually cause today was Sunday! I doin my Sunday routine like bicycling and eat chicken porridge. Oh and buy Kompas too J

Good news i’ve already pass the illustration task!YEAAAAAAAAA!!

I collected that illustration book on my lecturer house at 8 pm. Thanks God! I almost crying cause there were many problems hanging around. I’m hopeless cause i made the cover, hardcover, by myself. And God know how stubborn i am! I suppose i’m TOO idealistic(euh) which made my did all the things by myself, not givin it the pro like normal guy. In this thing yeh, made the hardcover by myself eventhough i Realize i such a stubborn instead of let people in photocopy kiosk didi it!!

And everythin bad got worse.

I want the cover to be cutted thats why i force myself did by myself cause i’m not sure the people in photocopy could did it. But in a very limited time cause the task must be collected that day it almost impossible to did! It was the first time for me making a hardcover thats why i SHOULD need quite long time. But the time is limited, but it must be done.

People normally should realize that it was impossible and do the plan B. I have the plan B but i didnt choose it.

And making a hardcover isn’t that easy..i had some problem with the unmatching measurement. Then i must cut it again. I used unappropriate kind of paper then i must print it again. I glued the wrong page then i must change it again..

I also want making a clutch bag for my book case so i’ve just made it on 5 pm. Startin everything on 10 am, I’ve just finished doin all the things my books on 8 pm. Geez!

Actually i can give up and do the plan B. Instead of handmade hardcover book, it will be more simple to let people in photocopy did it. Softcover or jut spiral cover will fine. But yea ive told you! My idealistic made me in very complicated situation sometimes!!!

I’ll show you the books J. Oh yea one more about my idealistic is i keep myself to redesign children book about Indonesian folktales! My friends choose made children book by fairytales or story by myself. I must admit it would be more simple. But not me. Indonesian folktales! Hah, i’ll bring a big mission to welcoming the folktales of our own!

Actually my lil sister inspire me. She is a bookworm in very young age but usually beg for Barbie tales. I realize it because the illustration of the book is just great! Even i’d like to read it, seeing it magnificent illustration. I see that indonesian folktales rarely have a nice illustration eventough children always attracted with visual.. thats why made children of us isn’t welcoming with their own tales, cause they not attracted yet since in young age, the primary age to welcoming kinda things to them. Children especially the girls usually attracted with princess idea..with beautiful things and pink around.

I found that Indonesian folktales have a deeper learning than kinda other things. We just need to make it more attractive.

Yeah my sis this book for you. You love pink purple and the princess right? You got it but not Barbie way.

Give comment! was the handmade clutch bag teehee..

see?such a messy knitting ahaha..

you can see the picture behind by its pierced-cover

and dont forget, little words about the ilustrator in the back!ahaha..

I saw my friends work when collect the books. Ooh some of them did a great work! I forget to catch the picture. Anyway everybody has do the best!

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