Monday, January 19, 2009

creamy cheese on cocofrio!

after spend two-weeks-full-of-UAS-hysteria finally i've got a chance to refreshing yeaa!!
actually i'd like go to cinema but nobody accompany me hang out-partner that time, Uut, have no passion to watch anything.

u: how about window shopping in ITC?
me: emh.. i'm so tired and i just want to relax. why dont we enjoy sitting by watching film?
uut: (she blink her eyes) if that so, why we dont out for ice cream? you can enjoy sitting by then (she continue blinking her eyes..)

yea, Uut is the ice cream lover. from es tung-tung till Conello, all you mean.

hmph. it is not bad thing actually. cause i love ice cream too. even todays were rainy seasons.

and here we are on Cocofrio Pucang!

uut and her brownies fudge ice cream.
"thank's God it is big enough!"

Uut ordered brownies with chocolate ice cream on it. the brownies is covered with chocolate sause and white cream plus chocoball on the top. yum! perfect for sweet lover

i admire the fresh taste of fruits thats why i choose it!

cheesecake ice cream with strawberry jam. no more words for it.

the ice cream is strawberry and cheese flavored. the cheese taste quite strong which make it really tasteful! the strawberry taste in the cream isn't quite strong thats why they added strawberry jam there. one thing which missed is only the whipped cream on the top. it taste plain, too plain i must added. despite it strong-taste of strawberry jam, i must admit that the whipped cream shouldn't made plain as that. i think more cheesy taste on it could be better! but afterall it really nice dessert..yum!

at first i think Cocofrio only served coconut-based ice cream but i'm wrong! i even didnt see any menu which mentioned based of coconut. hmm, it change my view..

actually i'm excited in one exciting menu! i forget what it is called exactly. Hawaiian blue, sound like that. uhh its appearance could be great! served on high glass, one scoop ice cream sank by light blue liquid. i keep my eye on it, admiring, till i read it description below. blue caracao.

yea. i dunno what it is exactly but i quite sure it kinda alcohol. i ever heard it before.

beside regular ice cream Cocofrio also served ice cream with..what you call it? emm kinda 'that liquid'. beside the magnificent-color-attract of Hawaiian Blue which consist blue caracao you should ordered the one with liquor or kahlua on it. all of them shoot your eyes! yea im not kiddin, i'm excited! but i dont drink unfortunately.. :)

so guys you should try this. cheesecake cream is about 17,5 thousand rupiahs and the brownies fudge is 22,5. beside the legendary ice cream shop Zangrandi, Cocofrio should be your choice.

C u soon! :)

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