Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inspired and Dreams

Now that my partner started blogging regularly couple months ago, he had decided Friday as a day to post about his dreams which is already or in progress of achieving. You guys may be bored with it (since as far as I remember, I had posted this thing couple times here heheh...), but I can't help it since I really love the phrase;

tell your dreams to as much people as you can, cause somehow they will help you chase them

So you see... writing about our dreams, here, once in a week is sort of genius for me. Beside that, how much dreams do we have? Millions! That's why we also don't need to be worried about lacking idea in midway heheh...which is means unlimited topic for post, if you don't get what I mean ;p

So officially I was highly inspired by my partner (great work, baby!), and decided to do the same for my blog. The difference is I choose Monday as a 'dream post day' because I think it's good to start the week by being reminded to our dreams :) 

Well then... I'll see you in Monday with my first dream post, waffles! I'd love to hear your dreams too! Don't hesitate to share :)


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