Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new year and birthday packed in one!

hello readers? how are you today! well first I'd like to say happy new year for you all! may in this year we improve to a better better person! amin! :) so how's your story in new year night? did you have fun? did you attend some cool party? i'm not attend any cool party but i really enjoy my last new years party night! ask me why folks!

for the first time since i was studying in Surabaya i spent new years outside Surabaya. and outside my dormitory room haha.. i never doin something special for nu yer occasion and for this yer, i mean last yer, in 2009 i have no idea why i should doin something different than before. but then the 8 Splendid guys, especially Reza begging us to attend 8 Splendid gathering in Jogja! well at first i wasn't into it too much 'cause idea having gathering instead of stuck in my room or sleeping wasn't attracted me much but then.. i change my mind. and thanks God! cause i reaalllyyy enjoy every moment!

i had submitted all my task on 30th so in December 31st i take the earliest train to Jogja. poor for Putu Ayu, my friend, she cannot attend the day, so i took the Sancaka Pagi alone huhu..

i arrived at Jogja around half past 12 AM then Reza and Handa picked me up and we went to their rent house. woohooo.. Fitra is already there, preparing all the things for the night. Yay!

we planned to make chicken satay but too bad we boiled the meat too long haha..so it gettin umm..brittle.haha.. actually we don't need to boiled it, but Daniar, who is pharmacist-to-be, really take care about the hygienic, so..just say we failed to make chicken satay!haha..

in the night we went out to take something before the proper meal. so we went to hot plate stall near Sanata Dharma Univ. (i pay the bill, as a birthday treating :p). Daniar, Zulfa, reza and his brother went to buy some gas to burn the chicken. but when they were back, they bring something for me too. yippiee..!

a birthday cake! the second of the day! :DD

don't ask me what i'm feeling. see in my very wide wide smile. oh guys i'm so melting! haha..

God, gimme cute boyfie after it. amin..haha..

left to right
boy wit hand on chin: rian, reja's brother, glasses with red tee: ikhsan, grey jacket: reja; beside him is : ahenk
in front of ahenk is zulfa then his girl daniar, boy with cake is handa, the stripes tee is widya

then we back home and preparing all the stuff to make...roasted chicken! haha..the satay transformed into roasted chicken hehe..at least we don't need to cut it too much :p

sonca, udah mirip tukang bakar2 bneran haha..

cheers ladies :D

then, it was time to eat!
pisang gapit, roasted chicken, all handmade dishes. two thumbs for Fitra-poor she couldn't came, emergency meeting! :p- to made such a fabulous pisang gapit sauce.


well done! that was my new year daily report. thank you for 8 Splendid guys, even it just a piece of us but still it was memorable time of you. thank you all friends, love you! next i'm looking forward to your coming in Surabaya! :)

*I took the pic of one of Reza's hamster. for the God sake, Ikhsan and Reza was crazy in this kinda of animal. it was cute for sure, but thinking about take care of him is out of my business hehe..
** all photo was property of 8 Splendid. DO NOT copy and use it without permission, ok?

cuuteee..run baby run! lil' flluffy creatures!


widya said...

i want the pic too...
owh,,meet you for a moment make me miss u than before,..
i hope there is more time to share with...

misstyzha said...

akulohhh ftonya minta handa wid..in the morning before i left jogja!

yg di gunung pgen aku post jg tapi sayang lupa dikopi ftox...dodol banget dah

iyah wid, i'd like to share much things with you!!! before time running out and found that we're not young anymore huhu...

donny said...

Hiks...i'm soooooooo envioussssssssssssssssssssssssss

misstyzha said...

(ikut2 handa nihh..)

derita loh..