Monday, November 14, 2011

BRAngerous, Dream // Obsession

It was back then in 2008 when I first knew about BRAngerous. That time, this woman exhibition community first held their exhibition in CCCL Surabaya. I was thrilled to joined but too bad I didn't pass the curation phase. This year, after the long hiatus,  I was lucky to be part of BRAngerous reborn. And this year, of course I'm no longer a newbie; I have learned to do the best in almost everything. This exhibition for example.

That was 3rd Indie Clothing Expo (Gramedia Expo Surabaya, November 11st-13th) who entrusted BRAngerous again to tone up their expo. This is the second opportunity since BRAngerous had participated in their 2nd. The theme of our exhibition itself was Dream// Obsession.

Artworks from some participants
Maria Goretti's rice sack medium artworks. Who guessed?
My artwork
A very proud girl here hehehe..

''Le Accessoire''

20 cm x 20 cm
Mixmedia on paper

One of my dreams is having my own accessories line which brings both beauties and joyful to all women

PS: If you like, you can be part of BRAngerous too! Simply visit their website and follow the rules :)

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