Friday, February 27, 2009

Art Injection 2: Musim Panen

Oh oh i hope i’m not too late writin about this. Last 3th February till 7th my generation, the 2007’s guys held our college task exhibition! At first it was DKV work and we planned to held it in MagnetZone but then our Head of Major Studies (haha is it the true call?) tell us to let the Interior and Produk guys join into, so we have to move to bigger one. And it goes to Taman Budaya Jawa Timur, or we call it just by Gedung Kesenian Cak Durasim.

Ohh lot of fun there! It was our second exhibition outside campus. The first one was Art Injection: Nationalism Issue which held last year on Tomodachi Resto and Gallery. And we planned to make it as tradition so we called this exhibition as Art Injection 2: musim Panen. Why Musim Panen? Haha it was the most asking question. Ok first we took ‘satu semester menanam kini saatnya menuai hasil’ as the tagline. The philoshophy is we relate all we have did in the last semester as like the farmers when they planting their paddys. All the hard work to make the paddys grow up. And now is the harvest time for the farmers! All they have did before pay off after seeing the paddys harvested nicely! So like us! After spending one crazy semester, gettin stress much of time, hate ourselves.. finally we passed it all with nice score ahaha.. yea all the artwork we took in the exhibition was the best of the best score off all. Still we’ve problem in space so it the artwork need to be curated :)

The DKV’s sent their children books, cover book illustration and the stillation poster. And some cut paper and diagram illustration. The Interior’s sent their cottage mockup and the Product’s show their best on mask craft, airplane and car modelling. those all were our task in the last 3rd semester.

awesome airplane modelling by the Product's is the nice one picture taken by Dipo.
Yudhis is peeping from Prita's cottage mockup
(the one who get the highest score, A!)

stillation poster by DKV's

the Product's work again

I get some of my artwork took there too! Kinda narcism haha..please dont blame myself :p

left to right, up to down:
cover book illustration, stillation poster, stillation, children book

and kinda narcism again! haha thanks for Risma, making this kinda funny-satire poster :p

i've got something in my head..

In the closing night we’ve film turning by Si Ikin. Yea such a honorable for us to get a chance being the second premiere place (haha) of his newest animation movie, Grammar3. Unfortunately i didn’t get some pictures of the riot cause that time was my turn to keep in the information desk :p

Many people come, even people who we ever think will never come to such an exhibition! Ooh Si Ikin really works. We also have some indie movie in cooperation with Sinematografi Unair. After that we have some bands parade by my mates’ band, Smeelstreet, and also Hi Mom! One of my Surabaya’s favourite indie band. and then all i can say is yeaa.. we come in the end of the show!

But still haven’t finished yet for the commitee :P

clean up those trashes guys :p

Thanks for Despro ITS, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur, all the media who put our work in their article, radio and TV show, the 2007’s, all the band, si Ikin, APS and Sinematografi Unair, all visitor- yea i can’t enjoy all the moment cause busy of you but thankssss for coming and support us!

Some photos taken by me, the other were Dipo’s property

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