Saturday, February 28, 2009

hope it could be..

I’ve just adventuring on my documents in my mobile PC haha.. i opened some folder to see what is inside excatly. Yea, you shouldn’t believe it that i rarely monitoring what is inside which made me hard to find where i took some files when i need it. Ok then i got some folder named HOS which is stands for House of Sampoerna. I opened it and found some photo from one of greatest time in m life. Those were photos of my first time visiting HOS. My friends Dila took me there.

Oh gosh we look so young there!

It was around March 2008, almost one year before now. Even i still wear my old glasses.

Dile became my friends since we talk each other in Manarul Ilmi’s ground, after we did Ashar pray, in Orientasi Mahasiswa Baru ocassion. She talk to me first, ask about small things and i fall for her since that time. She kinda sweet and humble girl that time, and still, until now.

We spent a lot of time and stay through the rain together haha.. we’ve got some problems one time but we can make it together and keep staying. She lost her mom in first year she became universiy student and i was there to see her heart has broken. That became my biggest sorry then, i hate when she sad cause missing her mom :( she such a tough girl afterall.

We have same excitement in music, both of us like indie music even i prefer to unique sound and she prefer the techno one. We change our mp3 collection some times and we attend music gigs many times together. Ohh she love JaneDonna, indie band from Surabaya, and became their loyal fans since high school haha! Even Mbak karin, the vocalist of the band made a song for her. The titled is Dila, tells about a girl with brown eyes who always think life such a beautiful thing.. if i didn’t wrong get what the song mean :p

Oh the JaneDonna’s sing that song when we attend their concert in CoffeeCorner! Such a lovely moment seeing Dila looked so.. what? blushing, happy heard the song :)

Based on the tagline in the primary photo above, everlasting, i just hope we can make this friendship stay alive dila.. everlasting should be :)

*the prim photo is one of my favourite. i took the shadow of us in old mirror in HOS

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heLLow yeLLow said...

loh?kok ttp kosong???
pdhl duluuuuu aq ninggalin komenku disini.hah.

eniweiii.. merasani saya yah.bandel ini.haha.