Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suramadu Gate at nite

Normally people visit Suramadu in the morning, when the sun shine so bright. But my dad, who came to Surabaya previous days ago, haven't chance to see it in the day. But he begged to see it even in the night! so there we went..

Only one word. but must be times three: dark, dark, dark

In the end, my dad must admit that it such a stupid choice to go there in the night haha.. even the highest ISO in my pocket camera couldn't catch the picture of the bridge. It was totally dark, around Suramadu's gate. So, finally my dad plan to go there in his next visitation to Surabaya, in the day of course.

Eventhough, i got the beautiful pic in the way 80 km to Madura! it looks like i used the lomo camera, teehee.. i turn on, i'm not sure what it is called, something like the red light catcher in my pocket camera, and see the beautiful vignette :)

ayaya, i heart this photo :*

Anyway, the lovely Ramadhan has come. Happy fasting everybody! May this blessing month make us being a better human each day :)


Felkiza Vinanda said...

wah ga gelap tuh mbak suramadu kalo malem2? hehe, happy go fasting ya mbak! :)

tyzha inandia said...

ga gelap lg kiz..gelap buanget! :)