Sunday, December 25, 2011

23th Wishes

Wow, we almost get into last week of December! Honestly I wasn't really looking forward to 2012; talk about my final bar of Final Project that will be hold next January! (I'm seriously praying that it will be delayed hehehe…two weeks more will just fine, dear lecturer!)

And rumor has it that I’m not into counting days to NYE since I will be 23 years old this end of December. Aaaaa… How can I be that old?? Seems like yesterday I was still 17! (Okay, I go too far..) Well anyway the point of this post is I’m going to launch my birthday wishlist this year! Yippieee…(Well, why there’s no hands-clapping? Are you all not thrilled? Not? Well, just pretend you are hehe..)

Since I got almost of my last year birthday list I’m going to do the same this year. Well, my bf did his part very well but I got enough cash to buy almost all my bday wish, that’s the best! Alhamdulillah
So here we go the list!

1. A Faber Castell marker. It’s not that expensive actually but I don’t know how I couldn’t spare my money for this in the past! But not this time, I already bought this baby as an early bday gift for myself hehehe...

2. A skirt. Oh I’m really into skirt know. On the last sale I attended, I found myself digging for a skirt, not a blouse or cute jeans like usual. So you know, it’ts serious. Of course it should be 7/8 or angle skirt for hijabers like me..

3. City bike. Actually I had saved my money a year-round and planned to buy it very soon! I am thrilled to do a morning bicycling around my housing!

4. Print my own name card. Honestly I already have some…but I was looking forward to have new one, maybe with different style to differ myself as a designer and writer

5. Blackberry. I never feels a need for this smartphone until now. Internet is a basic needs for me nowadays and I think will be greater in the future. Having a phonet that let you connect through the internet along the day was perfect idea. I’ll do some research about it later.

6. Doc Mart boots or Kickers wedges or Up Candi wedges or Wondershoe sateen flats. Shoe fetish.

7. Small screen notebook so I can bring life everywhere without having a regular backache. Plus it’s will be more practical; I can do blogging everywhere, teehee.. 
8. But after all my biggest birthday wish is I graduate next March and got that damn perfect A for both my Design Research and Final Project! Aminnn!!! God pleaseeee!!!! 

9. Well, that's all I can thinking about... Oh and I also won't refused any flower bouquet hehe... Girls typical ;p

In the other hand, my mom already gave me an early birthday gift. Tons of chocolate! Hehehe…I prefer the black ones that the milk one honestly :p I’m not into too sweet; I’m already that sweet hahahahahahah!!

Well those are my wishes! Is there any of you who have birthday in the end of this year too? I wish you a happy-long-life, fellas! Proud to be December guys! Let me see your birthday wishes too! :)

I'll see you soon!


aloysia said...

happy birthday tyzhaaaa...
wish all your dreams come true... :)

And I do proud to December guys too... :P

misstyzha said...

haha...makasih lusy..but honestly aku blom ultah lho, in the end of december, 31st hihi...but anyway thank's ucapannya yaaa...buat kamu juga :)