Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Painting: Madamoiselle et Fleurs

The process

 Madamoiselle et Fleurs
(Lady and  Flowers)
25 x 25 cm
acrylic on canvas

I started doing paintings again in my free time. I don't have much free time thou but I think I shud spare time to do some artsy thingy or my creativity will soon wither. I found out acrylic was fun thou I prefer poster paint or oil paste due to easy-to-dry characteristic that acrylic has; I was running out time when I try to mix some colors.. or is it just me who works too slow. After all I still need much practices. 

Stay tuned for my upcoming artsy project! x


Anonymous said...

bagus banged nan.... jadi inget designani.... ^^ ehheheee....

misstyzha said...

makasih amiii :*

iya styleku banyak terinspirasi sama designani emang menebak dengan tepat ;p