Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shabby Chic Tropical House

Remember my old post about Dream House? Well, I think we are a step near to create it :)
My husband found a piece of lot in the hook. It was small actually, but we  fall in love with the location. It is in the city but not that packed and crowded. We hope in the early next year we already move to a new house, amin :)

So now, we are busy creating how the house will look like. Thanks to Google, I found all this gasping pictures with the 'tropical house' and 'shabby chic' keyword.


 That's for the tropical house. I really love the idea of open space and natural color elements.

...and that's is for the shabby chic interior. The soothing ambiance created by off white furniture, all the fluffy and feminine touch... I definitely can't say no.

So you so see, I am confused between those two. Both of them has unique characteristic that I can't deny. Who doesn't love warming feeling of the natural color wood? Tropical style make me dreaming of the beach... But shabby chic is a girl deepest desire. I love sneaking into flowery pillow. And the French windows is just too cute...

I guess I will let any interior designer help us.


Lucyana W. said...

hi, dear.
hahahaa.I just found out we have the same interest; looking for our dream house design :))) hope you get the best one which you like the most!

Lucyana W. said...

hi, dear.
hahahaa..I just found out that we have the same interest; looking for our dream house design. hope you'll get the best one which you like the most.

misstyzha said...

Luceee...baru baca komenmu haha! Iyanih, moga aja budget bisa memenuhi semua dream-nya ya hahah