Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's Moving Forward with the Movie!

Howdy everybody? Are you doin fine? I hope that you have such a great days like I have! Well actually I got BC for my billboard task, you should see here for more. I felt down, but hey, that was life isn’t it? You can’t ask everything goes perfect. So I’m sad of course, feel lil bit guilty but,..yeah, just keep moving forward!

Okay readers today is Friday and I have some free time cause today is free day of Tahun Baru Hiriah *Happy Hijriah everyone!* and I spent my morning by watching some movies. One of them is Meet The Robinsons. Okay it must be a bit of out of date but let me tell you this woof woof movie. For you who have watching this movie before, give me your patient ok? :)

I saw a piece of this film once in RCTI. The graphic is not so me, who really love Time Burton Style. Yeah,  bit gloomy, thin character, like that.. So I just skip to another channel some minutes after I saw it. Oh the piece I saw was when the foe of the character was coming. Such like another silly man, typical of bad character in movies. So..skipped it.

But today I found this movie in my hardisk. Meet the Robinsons. My first impression this sounds like Meet the Fockers (Adam Sandler movie, you can imagine that I’m sure). So you see I’m bit of surprised when the Disney’s logo was appearing. Whoa.. cartoon.
I won’t tell you the detail of the story. I just recommended you all to watch it. Even it was cartoon, even the main character is a child, more of that, it contains the entire best things which Disney want us to know about.

Here’s the quote in the end of the movie.

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards very long

We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious..
And curiousity keeps leading us down new paths.

-Walt Disney-

So dear, keep moving foward, don’t look backwards too long! keep your spirit!

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