Wednesday, December 9, 2009

woof woof wondershoe

ahh dear readers, how are you today?mine great! i've a college day off every wednesday so you see! i've been have doin all the relaxing moment all day!well i'm gotta tell you about something i've hidden for. it's a secret..oh no, haha i'm just kiddin yet. but let me share some of my view in fashion thingy! i'm not fashion freak yet, but i do love it and try as much as i can to look georgeous wearing all the things from my closet hihi.

well as i simple girl i hardly stand wearing hi hells so i've been a flatshoes junkie for couple i really happy when i got the wondershoe site. i just love love love their collection! see some of my A-list!

oh the vibrant pink!

oohh.. can't say no to creamy leather one!

prety classic


God it just awesome..

*one more speechless

damn, it's one of my fave

well, damn cool is it? you should check out their site, fellas. more of it, it is affordable. generally a pair of shoes cost 135 thousand rupiah. ooh not only flat shoes! they also served sandals and gladiator shoes. all you named it, as long as it has no heel! so what are you waiting ladies?grab them soon!