Saturday, January 16, 2010


France always be my deepest heart desire. i always want to be there, to learn, to live, maybe settle down. i was spirited when i read Sang Pemimpi by Andre Hirata. not means i'm in love with this country since i read ' used long time ago. but if Andrea Hirata believed in his dream and he reached his dream finally, i have no reason for myself to let this dream get rid off.

France is not all about Paris. i'd like to see Lyon, Marseille, some little town, a farm town.. the vivid green of the grass, the woman in their traditional costume.. i'd like to see France in its plain way. the vintage of it instead all the glam side.

But of course Eiffel is the people dreamed of France after all :)

photo taken by cherryblossomgirl

i used to say i'll goin there before i get married.'s more likely having pleasure on my own :p. but who will take my portrait then? so i change my mind..

anyone, wanna join me to France? even it means we must study real hard and do real saving from now :)


Widyautonomy said...

Hey,I'd like to join you in France..
You've been studying the language hah??nice! so i don't need to pay for a tour guide..hahahaha

going abroad also become my biggest desire especially for STUDYING and TRAVELLIng...but still don't find a way to make it become true..>'<

misstyzha said...

the best way for both studying and traveling in France is by applying any scholarship. but i'm not sure that was our biggest chance haha.. but why don't we give it a try wid? :DD

iya belajar bhs prancis. cm karena ga dilatih lagi uda banyak yg lupa!huaa.. i forget most of the vocab huhu