Wednesday, January 6, 2010

thank you besties!

a birthday cake from my colleagues. they came in 31st of December morning to give me surprise cake *honestly i already guessed it ;p*

really enjoyable moment to see Uut hard to opened her eyes, well that was still 5.30 AM! they were in a rush cause i'm gonna move to Jogja that morning.

so i swoosh the candle and i was so speechless and blank till i can't imagine any birthday wish. but now i can thinking about something. haha too late but here it is :

i hope i can be better person in any positive side each day. amin.

well seems familiar? haha looks like i always have same birthday wish every year. whatever, the simplest thing sometimes is the hardest to do! so just gimme your amin for it! :D


thank you for Resti Suwandari for planned this 'surprise' hehe even if you fail i still love the idea. thank you darla! :-*
much thank you for Widyasari and Agustine Trie Utami for woke up so early and came to my house. gosh, luck for you i've been late too! if not, i can't imagine what will happen if you came and found that i was already moving haha..

love you all besties!

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