Monday, January 18, 2010


{dear lady, how are you?}
{you look so nice in yor violet dress}
{pink brushes on your cheek}
{look gorgeous just like you was}

-pencil sketch then digicoloring in photoshop-

this is the second chance i published this illustration. the first time you can check here. anyway since i bought wacom (yippee!), i started to learn using it. and.. this is the simplest illustration i have haha so it was a good to use it as a starting point hihi.. anyway i'd like to see what you are thinking about it :)

i plan to publish another sketch of mine, so just wait and see :)



cha said...

waaaw punya wacom! mau dongg..... 0_o'
you must be having a lot of fun with it! very cute, :)

misstyzha said... aj baru kebeli sekarang cha, padahal yg lain ada yang dah punya dr smester satu.. .>.<

lebih mudah sih ya buat coloring. tapi blum biasa pake jd masi kaku gt hehe