Saturday, February 20, 2010

face of her


Recently i've been in love with this pinky-girly-illustration style.
vector work, minimum color, with a bit touch of photoshop brush.


afterall i'm still learning! 
so please drop some comment if you don't mind. your comments really makes my day :)
critic work the same, don't worry :p

thank's to cherryblossomgirl for the never ending inspiration



Rizma said...

may be Iam not illustrator...I am not really understand about picture design or anything else about design...According to me your creation is very good....your design has something uniq...simple and cute...
hmm...if you don't mind I have any suggestions for you...
1.I hope one day ...I wanna be your illustration model hihihihihi "Just Kidding"...
2.For next time, would u try to design something new form? for example Uniq bag or another form so not only human (Face)

Your blog very informatif,....creative and inspire....

Teruskan berkarya ya...
proud to be your friend.....

tealovecoffee said...

keep painting, misstyzha! I love to see your artworks! ^^

ummm yeah..
reading Rizma's comment, I have a suggestion... maybe once a month you can pick one blogger to be your drawing model ;)

misstyzha said...

@ rizma
aww thank you rizma, your words are too much :)

gonna answer your question..
1. oh sure! i'd love it! trust me you'll be the first one if i do that :D

2. good idea.since i'm kinda newbie in this wacom thingy, i used to comfort myself by drawing what i am good at. but i reaaallly looking forward to drawing something else :) thankies!

misstyzha said...

thankyou mb tiaaa!! yur comments always make my day :)

'cause you suggested me..would you be my drawing model?hehe..

dela said...

cool. your drawing is simple but creative. keep drawing, i'll be watching you!

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