Thursday, March 11, 2010

short updates!

howdy loyal readers! it's like it's been a years i haven't post something here. i miss you all and i feel so bad to found that my last posting was on february 20th. uhh what a lazy blogger you have here!

honestly i already arrange some of my big idea for the next post. and today i plan to post all of them, i have around three story to share.. but you know? my laptop crashed yesterday. the battery and the speaker didn't work. and the worst is the OS worked so damn sloooowwwwwww..argh! i even can't use my mouse around without getting 'not responding' act.zzz...

it ruins my plan by the way.

so dear, please forgive me, i'll update as soon as my laptop back. i got all my data there, all the writings and illustrations, and God know how lazy i am if i must start those all  from beginning. gimme your pray darlaa...

I'll see you around!

much love, misstyzha

* I guess Allah gimme this all to remind me that i was too far from my God now days.. i should do praying better and better.. :)


cha said...

it was all because of mas yudha.

misstyzha said...

mas yud made it worse actually cha haha..that laptop already worked in a bad condition that time huhu